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Suicide: Assessment, Treatment, and Management

One of the most challenging – and prevalent – issues clinicians can face is a client’s suicidal crisis. Although many clients experience major depressive episodes, training on how to manage suicidality is often not a component of training curriculums. Working with a client in suicidal crisis can be difficult and evoke strong feelings in the therapist. This course provides guidelines on suicide assessment, treatment, and management and includes information on providing services via tele-mental health.

Course Format

This course contains downloadable online lessons (PDF) and a practice test. When you're ready, purchase the course by clicking the "Add To Cart" button. This will let you take the test, complete the course evaluation and receive your certificate for CE credits.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the terminology, prevalence, theories of suicide behavior
  • Identify risk and protective factors in suicide.
  • Discuss suicide and mental health issues.
  • Describe service utilization and treatment seeking.
  • Identify issues related to at-risk/vulnerable populations.
  • Recognize risk and protective factors among various ethnic and racial groups
  • Explain suicide assessment and managing suicidal clients.
  • Describe various treatment approaches (CBT, DBT, Interpersonal Therapy) for suicidality and therapeutic risk management.
  • Discuss issues in therapist self-care and working with survivors in the aftermath of suicide
  • Explain ethical and legal considerations
  • See more at: https://ce4less.com/Suicide-Assessment-Treatment-And-Management-Counselor-Ceu 

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