Strong Communities Need Strong Families.

Families in crisis need a great deal of support to heal. No single entity can do it alone. That’s why Family Impact Network helps connect providers, partners and government entities to surround families with care. We know strong communities need strong families. 
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What We Do

Family Impact Network

  • Facilitates a system that supports families, connects partners and providers to families, manages logistics, uses data to ensure quality service delivery, and fills gaps where resources are missing.
  • Supports providers who serve families in crisis through training, advocacy, quality assurance, and other supports services.
  • Helps families in crisis heal by supporting efforts to reunify and keep families together.

DCYF Network Administrator

We partner with the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) and service providers to serve as the Network Administrator in 20 counties in Eastern and Central Washington. Through this work, we provide resources and services to vulnerable children and families to address safety, prevention, permanency, stability, and overall well-being. We manage all aspects of the network, so social workers and partners can focus on the core mission of their work: serving families.

In our role as Network Administrator, we oversee:

Combined In-Home Services

We coordinate with 25 providers who provide in-home therapeutic, counseling and educational services for families. These services help to prevent an out-of-home placement, facilitate reunification of families, avoid a placement disruption, equip parents with training and education, and provide crisis intervention with families connected to the Child Welfare System.
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Family Time Services

We coordinate with 22 providers who oversee visitations to maintain parent-child relationships, including providing transport to and from visits. Consistent and frequent visits lead to the likelihood that a child is able to reunify with their parent(s).
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Family and Provider Support

Workforce Training and Professional Development

We support providers and partners in our network by offering trainings and online tools that can be used both on an individual basis and as trainings for the whole staff.
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We provide a number of resources for providers and partners in our network, including COVID-19 information, partner contact information, logistical forms and procedures, meeting notes, FAQs, trainings, and more.
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