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5 Steps to De-Escalation Training: Online Certification Course

The Crisis Consultant Group’s ‘5 Steps to Verbal De-Escalation Training Certification Course’ provides the industry’s most empowering series of De-escalation techniques, De-escalation strategies, and De-escalation skills built around our simple 5-Step model. Our certification system will provide you with the ability to gain calm and cooperation from nearly any challenging and verbally aggressive person. Our certification training is widely used and recognized throughout the United States and Canada.

This De Escalation techniques training course was filmed during a live taught full-day training program built around crisis prevention and conflict resolution. This unique portion addresses the “5 Steps To De-Escalation” model, created by the company owner and founder, Mr. Brendan King. Teaching de-escalation tactics and related communication strategies built on 20+ years of experience on the front lines in human services, mental health, the criminal justice system, and law enforcement, this curriculum will provide an immediate set of De escalation skills. Our verbal De-Escalation course designed as an effective tool for persons working with individuals in crisis, such as nurses, psychiatric technicians, corrections officers, at-risk youth workers, educators, and law enforcement officers.

This certification course touches on body language, eye contact, facial expressions, active listening, nonverbal communication, communication skills, and considerations responders should have around tone of voice, how to master verbal conflict in a few easy steps. Using real life stories from working in public safety and public service, this training program will additionally benefit human service providers, safety and security staff, and those that work in behavioral health professionals as well. Students of this course will better understand how to build rapport, and how critically important it is to successful de-escalation.

Prepare yourself and your workforce for challenging, hostile, and potentially dangerous behavior without the use of physical force. Help prevent and avoid crisis whenever possible through the most effective de-escalation techniques available today. The online course features competency checks throughout the training, as well as a short quiz upon course completion, which prepares you to download your certificate immediately after completing the course.

This De Escalation course is an excellent in-service training tool, or “add-on” certification for those seeking to upgrade their skill set in dealing with persons who are verbally aggressive. We also offer a verbal De Escalation course tailored to meet the specific needs of customer service de escalation training, police de escalation training, de escalation training for nurses, verbal de-escalation training for teachers, and mental health de escalation training.

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